Mittwoch, 21. Mai 2014

Song des Tages: Why Don't You All Get Fucked?

(Skyhooks: "Why Don't You All Get Fucked?", aus dem Album "Guilty Until Proven Insane", 1978)

I used to know this kid in sixth grade
The teachers called him dumb
He'd try real hard, did his homework everyday
But still they'd whip him on the arse

One day he went to the playground
With a spraycan under his coat
Stood upon a trashcan against the wall
And this is what he wrote:

Why dontcha all, why dontcha all,
Why dontcha all get fucked?

A girl, sixteen, was trying to grow up
But her parents kept her down
She'd behave herself and come home at twelve
Her daddy would just sneer and frown

So one afternoon she packed her bags
With her boyfriend she drove away
A thousand miles later she picked up the phone
And this is what she had to say: "Hey mummy and daddy! -

Why dontcha all, why dontcha all,
Why dontcha all get fucked?"

A private in the army, a sensitive chap
Who didn't want to be there at all
And a sergeant who hated this young guy's guts
Used to make him scrub the floor

They were out on manoeuvres on a lousy day
The enemy had to be scouted
The private got his hands on an M-16
As he shot up the place he shouted:

Why dontcha all, why dontcha all,
Why dontcha all get fucked?
You should've seen the smile on that soldier's face
When he saw how fast the sergeant ducked

So if you're in trouble right up to your brain
And the boss is gettin' to you
Parents and politics, money and marriage
And life in general is making you spew

There's one thing that you gotta do
And I suggest you: do it today!
Stand up in your office, school or your street
And this is what you gotta say:

Why don't you and you and you and you
And your rotten friends, too
Why don't you and him and not forgettin' you -
Why dontcha all get fucked?!?

Anmerkung: It's only Rock'n'Roll, but I like it.


darkmoon hat gesagt…

Und im 2. Haus von rechts auf dem Coverbild wohnt der Karltroll und brütet im Keller seine wirren Phantastereien aus.

Toller Text, aber leider belanglose Musik..

Charlie hat gesagt…

Please don't feed the troll. :-)