Mittwoch, 31. August 2016

Song des Tages: Downfall

(Exodus: "Downfall", aus dem Album "Exhibit B: The Human Condition", 2010)

A crumbling empire
Where angels fear to tread
Into the ruins of a civilization
A society ripped to shreds
No semblance of order
Into the world which I abjure
Where the bloody blade is forged
Am I the cause of the cure?

Our destiny is soon revealed
Battle strewn, no way to heal
We spread the wings of failure
For the world's last goodnight:
In the flames of the burning lands
Who claims to have the upper hand?
Bonfire of the vanities and spite

Like Sodom and Gomorrah
Forsaken and alone
Look how the mighty all have fallen
We reap what we have sown
When all the marble palaces
Are blackened, sacked and burned
Will we understand man's ignorance
Through all the lessons learned?

Fall! Fall! Fall!

So quick to claim the credit due
Yet no-one takes the blame
Like Nero played his violin
While watching Rome in flames
Implosion of our nations through
Decisions of its kings
Downfall of our creation
It's the end of everything

Anmerkung: Es hätte wohl kein passenderer Ort für das Video zum Song gewählt werden können als ein us-amerikanischer Gerichtssaal.


darkmoon hat gesagt…

Und das is mal ein richtig geiler SOng!!

schirrmi hat gesagt…

Super - da kann ich enspannen. Hört man viel zu selten obwohl ich nach einem harten Arbeitstag lieber die Profis höre: Slayer :-)