Mittwoch, 16. November 2016

Song des Tages: Megalomania

There's a little bit of Adolf in everyone
And the hand that holds the whip sometimes has all the fun
There's a hidden desire that wants to rock the earth
And beat up old Idi Amin - for what it's worth!

Singing: Ooh Megalomania ...

Take a little ego, take a lot of money
Add some psychosis to the land of milk and honey
Get it on the radio, the TV and the paper
Stir up the nation - then you can rape her!

Ooh Megalomania ...

Call in the army, buy a politician
Promise anything to improve your own position
Print yourself some money, buy the world on a short-term loan
Invade Tasmania, then you call it home!

Ooh Megalomania ...

Legalize murder, imprison the students
A public execution or two
Put up the taxes on necessity
Be strong in everything you do
Let your supporters live in luxury
But shoot them in the back when they get too smart
Keep one step ahead of yourself:
Beware of that poison dart!

And the businessman sits dreaming in his office
Of making his next big deal!
The one that will bring down the president
Everybody will click their heels!
The people on the streets will turn to him
Because he has the answers!
One night in the White House he'll confess to his wife:
"You know I'm just a necromancer ..."

Ooh Megalomania ...

(Skyhooks: "Megalomania", aus dem Album "Guilty Until Proven Insane", 1978)

Anmerkung: Es ist schon ernüchternd, dass ich heutzutage auf eine australische Band der 70er Jahre zurückgreifen muss, um den Irrsinn unserer Zeit zu illustrieren. Ich kenne jedenfalls keinen Song, der den aktuellen kapitalistischen Gehirnmatsch noch besser karikiert.

Aus musikalischer Sicht ist hier besonders der witzige Wechsel vom gefälligen, satirisch überzeichneten Pop-Song zum "anarchistischen Chaos" bemerkenswert, sobald vom "businessman" die Rede ist. Das Cover der LP mit dem bezeichnenden Titel muss ich nicht weiter kommentieren.

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